Teenager catches both of Manny Machado's home runs

When Adam Corder arrived at Camden Yards on Friday night, he expected just another evening at the ballpark.

He got the night of his life.


Corder, a 15-year-old Millersville native currently living with his family in the United Arab Emirates, caught both of Manny Machado's home run balls.

He was sitting in section 78, row 14, with his older brother and two friends when Machado blasted his first career homer off Royals starter Luke Hochevar in the fifth inning.


An inning later, Machado became the youngest Oriole in history to record a multi-homer game.

And Corder, whose father used to be a doctor in the Orioles' first aid station, became the envy of memorabilia collectors everywhere.

"I couldn't stand," Corder said. "My feet were shaking. I had to sit down for a while."

When he finally got up to greet the media in the press box, an Orioles fan pulled him aside an offered $2,000 for one of the balls. He declined, preferring to check the prices on the open market before parting ways with it.

But when Orioles staff members offered to have Machado personally sign four balls and a bat in exchange for the first ball, Corder relented. He'll leave Camden Yards with the second one.

Not to mention a memory he'll likely never forget.

"This is the greatest night of my life," Corder said. "That's for sure."