Orioles center fielder Adam Jones celebrates with fans after the Ravens' win.
Orioles center fielder Adam Jones celebrates with fans after the Ravens' win. (Baltimore Sun photo by Lloyd Fox)

Waiting patiently outside the Ravens' locker room following their resounding AFC championship game victory over the New England Patriots, Olympic gold medalist swimmer Michael Phelps and Orioles center fielder Adam Jones paid tribute to the AFC champions.

Phelps and Jones have both attended several games this season and made the trip to New England to support the Ravens again.


"This is the coolest thing," Phelps said before heading inside to congratulate middle linebacker Ray Lewis and several other players. "This is one of the most incredible things I've  seen in my entire life. It's pretty special. It's an emotional time for us. It's going to be a great two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. We're fighters. They did it."

Jones wanted to thank the Ravens, especially Ed Reed, for going to several Orioles games during their resurgent season.

Jones visited the Ravens' training complex Friday, wishing them well before they started their road trip.

"This is good for Baltimore," Jones said. "It's one hell of a ride. I was at The Castle the other day. This is the perfect ride for Ray Lewis and this team. I'm a big supporter. They support us and we support them. It's a love-love relationship. I appreciate Torrey Smith, I appreciate every person that has donned an Orioles cap to support us. I see them sitting behind the dugout. When I'm on deck, trust me, I give them a lot of love.

"They appreciate me coming out here. Hey, I'll be in New Orleans, too. The city of Baltimore has been beyond great to me and my family. I respect them. I've gotten to know a couple of players. I have the utmost respect for these players. They risk their lives out there for a common goal. Right now, their common goal has been achieved."


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