Good morning from Nashville.

No, the Orioles haven't traded for Billy Butler or signed Adam LaRoche yet.


Hold your breath and you may turn Ravens' purple.

As we get into the second day of the annual baseball meetings here, I'll try to sum up some things for you as we get ready for a whole new slew of rumors.

The Orioles are hoping to make a deal adding a power bat. They've been saying it for a while. Some targets include Kansas City's Butler, Washington's Michael Morse and Pittsburgh's Garrett Jones.

I say they are targets because we believe those teams could trade the above players in the right deal. And since the Orioles want a guy with pop, preferably at first base, designated hitter or left field, they all would be on the Orioles' list as a potential fit (so, obviously, would be LaRoche if they met his contract demands).

So yes, they are interested in those guys. And any power hitter that plays those positions will make the list. And the Orioles have enough to land a power bat, considering they could probably trade one of the so-called pitching cavalry -- Brian Matusz, Jake Arrieta, Chris Tillman and Zach Britton -- for a hitter.

That group is not enough to get Butler – the Royals want an established starter. That group may not be enough to get Morse, even if the Nationals re-sign LaRoche. You have to wonder if it's worth giving up one of those guys for Jones, who has enough holes in his game to bring questions.

So, what does this all mean?

The Orioles are looking. And will continue to do so.

I heard from one executive from another club that shared with me the Orioles' wish list: a power bat and a frontline starter.

Everyone needs a frontline starter. And I don't see the Orioles making a play there – because their trade chips will be in the hitter's basket and they aren't going to break the bank for a guy like Zack Greinke.

That's what we've got right now. Stay tuned.

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