As we head into the afternoon on Day 3 of the winter meetings, the Orioles remain quiet. No signings, no trades, a lot of discussion -- oh, and plenty preparation for tomorrow's Rule 5 draft.

According to an industry source, the Orioles have still not made an offer to any closer. It looks like they're staying pat.


But that doesn't mean the Orioles aren't trying to make any moves. Dan Duquette isn't riding Space Mountain or anything like that.

And, really, what's the difference between making a move here under the winter meetings spotlight or a week down the road? Other than the attention, nothing is different.

It looks like Grant Balfour would be the first chip to fall right now. The Orioles are obviously interested, and have several other secondary options with John Axford, Chris Perez and Joel Hanrahan.

Right now, we're going to the manager's luncheon, where we will sit with Buck Showalter and talk about how lovely the weather is in Florida.

Actually, we won't. Few of us have even left the building.

Seriously, the discussions in the luncheon are off the record, so no breaking news will come from the lunch. We're there to mingle. But this time last year was when news of the Orioles re-signing outfielder Nate McLouth first emerged.

We will see what happens this time around.

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