Baltimore Orioles

Ken Singleton picks Yankees to win ALDS

One of the most important players in the Orioles' last two runs to the World Serieshas to be honest.

Ken Singleton is thrilled that the Orioles are in the playoffs, but he's got to pull for the New York Yankees.


The former big league outfielder and a member of the Orioles' last two World Series teams in 1979 and 1983, is a long-time broadcaster for the Yankees-owned YES Network. That's why he was at Camden Yards on Sunday.

"I've worked for the Yankees for 16 years now, I know who pays all my bills," Singleton joked. "But I feel very good for the Orioles. I'd rather have them in the playoffs than the Red Sox."


The Mount Vernon, N.Y., native still owns a home in Baltimore County, so his loyalties are somewhat split. But Singleton was beloved in Baltimore for many reasons, including that good-guy honesty.

"From my standpoint, I know it is better for me and my family that the Yankees continue to win because I get to work a little bit longer into this postseason and I wouldn't mind having one more World Series ring," said the 65-year-old Singleton, who was with the Orioles from 1975 to 1984. "I've got four [rings] now, one for each of my kids. They are all taken care of and now I am working on the grandkids."

Put on the spot, Singleton predicts the Yankees will win this series in four games. He thinks Gonzalez may be victorious in Yankee Stadium, considering the rookie has been so successful there this year. But, ultimately, he believes the Yankees' starting trio of CC Sabathia, Andy Pettitte and Hiroki Kuroda is too battle-tested to drop a short series.

"I think for the Orioles this is a building process. I'm sure Orioles fans are rooting for their team like nothing else and hoping they can take out the Yankees," Singleton said. "Even during the regular season they root hard against the Yankees. But I think the Yankees have more experience and more experience [is essential] in this sort of thing."