Ravens coach John Harbaugh declined to second-guess the NFL for its decision not to suspend Tennessee Titans tight end Chase Coffman for leveling Ravens assistant coach Tony Coaxum during a controversial collision out of bounds last week.

Instead of suspending Coffman, the league office fined him $30,000 for unnecessary roughness after he crushed Coaxum and appeared to drag his cleats over the former Army assistant coach and cornerback while he was on the ground.


Although Harbaugh said he was told by the Titans that it wasn't an intentional act, two team sources told The Baltimore Sun that they believed that Coffman should have been suspended.

Coaxum, an assistant to special teams coordinator Jerry Rosburg who's on a season-long internship after previous internships with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New York Giants, wasn't injured during the incident. It occurred after nickel back Danny Gorrer intercepted a pass as Coffman ran a sideline pattern and then used his arm to slam Coaxum to the ground.

"It's really difficult having a response to the level of punishment," Harbaugh said Monday during his weekly news conference. "I know the league, they have levels of protocol and standards and histories and things like that that they work very hard at.

"We don't ever really question that part of it. That's in their purview. I was told it wasn't intentional, so I take them at their word on that and we move forward."



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