We are in a rain delay at Camden Yards

And if official word comes that there will be no further play today, the Orioles win, 4-2.


There will no be suspension of play or going back to the fifth inning (with the Orioles up 2-1).

Some quick explanation from official scorer Mark Jacobson.

If play had been suspended after four and a half innings with the Orioles up 2-1, the Orioles would have won because it would have been an official game.

But because the sixth inning was started, and the Angels scored a run to tie on Josh Hamilton's homer, that changed things.

Had the Orioles failed to score in the sixth – or if the Orioles failed to get their fair ups -- the game would have been suspended as a tie and resumed the next day (or when possible).

But the two runs that were scored in the sixth gave the Orioles the win. And, yes, both runs count. Again, no run is taken off the board under the amended rules.

Hope that helps.

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