Ex-Orioles starter Miguel Gonzalez signs minor league deal with White Sox, source says

Ex-Oriole Miguel Gonzalez agreed to terms on a minor league deal with the White Sox, according to a source.

Former Orioles right-hander Miguel Gonzalez, who was released by the club last week, agreed to terms on a minor league deal with the Chicago White Sox, according to an industry source.

Gonzalez received a minor league offer from the Orioles that was “competitive,” the source said. He also was pursued by the New York Yankees, but the White Sox made the hardest push. Gonzalez could have the opportunity to join the major league rotation in Chicago sooner than elsewhere.  

Gonzalez had been a part of the Orioles rotation since the middle of the 2012 season, playing a key role in the team’s postseason appearances in 2012 and ’14. By releasing Gonzalez — who struggled during spring training, posting a 9.78 ERA in six Grapefruit League appearances — before rosters had to be set Sunday, the Orioles saved nearly $4 million from the $5.1 million owed him.

"Miguel is one of those guys that you love him as a pitcher, you love him as a person," Orioles pitching coach Dave Wallace said. "You understand what happens in the game. It’s crazy. We would have liked to have had him here, but it didn’t work that way. We have guys behind him who are ready to step in. That’s the process of the game and that’s what happened. It may sounds business-like but one of the most difficult things in coach is having to put your emotions aside and make objective decisions. That’s one of those cases."

The Orioles kept in touch with Gonzalez for the 48 hours he sat on release waivers, and they made a push to re-sign him to a minor league deal, but Gonzalez ultimately decided he preferred a change of scenery, according to the source.


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