Orioles 'are keeping active' on potential waiver trades, Dan Duquette says

The Orioles have until Sunday at midnight to add players from other organizations who can be eligible for their playoff roster. Club executive vice president Dan Duquette said he is still trying to make a move, but it's not easy to find a fit.

"We've been active. We are keeping active," Duquette said. "It's just, this time of the year, it's a very limited pool of players that you can add externally to your ballclub. Probably the best resource is in the minors, the minor leagues."


For a player to be dealt this time of year, he must first be placed on trade waivers, which are revocable. If a player is claimed, the team that places him on waivers can: pull the player back once; allow the claiming team to take that player and his current contract with nothing sent  back in return; or attempt to work out a trade during a 48-hour period.

Because the Orioles have the third-best record in the American League -- and the claiming order goes in reverse -- they are ahead of only the Los Angeles Angels and the Oakland Athletics when it comes to being able to claim an AL player on trade waivers.


For a National League player, they are 28th, behind all of the NL teams and most of the AL ones.

So their options are, obviously, limited.

However, the Orioles did add outfielder Michael Morse last year on Aug. 30 in a trade with the Seattle Mariners. And the organization has made multiple trade waiver claims this year, but has not been able to acquire anyone yet.

The Orioles were looking for a left-handed upgrade offensively, specifically in the infield. In the last two days, however, they have added Steve Clevenger and switch-hitter Jimmy Paredes from Triple-A Norfolk.

"We've been trying to add players to the club, strengthening the club where we can," Duquette said. "We just brought up two left-handed hitters from the minors, so we were looking for more balance to our team. We had a lot of right-handed hitters."

Any player on the 40-man roster by Aug. 31 is eligible for the Orioles' postseason roster and, really, anyone in the organization at that point could be added because of roster rules involving players on the disabled list. But they'd have to be with the organization by midnight Sunday to be eligible for the playoffs.