Coverage of the Orioles parting ways with manager Buck Showalter, executive vice president Dan Duquette

Stories, video from the departures of manager Buck Showalter and executive vice president Dan Duquette from the Orioles.

Buck Showalter was ahead of the game early in Orioles tenure, before the rest of baseball caught up

Orioles manager Buck Showalter led the Orioles to success as part of a wave taking over the game that emphasize bullpen usage and defense. That the rest of the league caught up and passed them on that front doesn't take away from the success it brought.

Buck Showalter leaves in lofty place among Orioles managers despite dismal final season

When he arrived in August 2010, the Orioles were the worst team in baseball. As he leaves, they’re no better. Somewhere in between rests Buck Showalter’s legacy as Orioles manager, an 8 1/2-year term that roused the club from a 14-year losing skein unprecedented in franchise history.

Buck Showalter, Dan Duquette out after Orioles' worst season in team history

Buck Showalter won't return to manage the Orioles in 2019, according to an industry source, ending what until this season had been a productive relationship with the manager who took over in August 2010 and brought playoff baseball back to Baltimore and an organization that was starved for it.

Dan Duquette out as Orioles executive vice president as club announces leadership changes

Dan Duquette won't be offered a new contract to return as Orioles executive vice president.

In Buck they trusted, and now Orioles fans lament Showalter's leaving

It's a rare manager to inspire tee shirts and garden gnomes, much less to arrive in town already made it in New York and on Seinfeld even. But that was Buck Showalter, and now Orioles fans are left to mourn his passing.

As Buck Showalter departs, Orioles players say 'it was business right until the end' with longtime manager

As the Orioles and Showalter part ways at the end of a 115-loss season, players said the manager who oversaw that collapse was the same who led them to three playoff appearances in five years, for better or worse.

Possible candidates to be the Orioles' next manager

With the Orioles parting ways with longtime manager Buck Showalter, the organization must decide who its field general of the future will be.

Buck Showalter career timeline

A year-by-year look at Buck Showalter's career, from his start in the Yankees' organization to his eight seasons with the Orioles.

Schmuck: Showalter's departure was inevitable, but there's plenty of blame to go around for Orioles' season

Buck Showalter is on the hook for dismal Orioles season that was result of years of poor long-range planning.

Buck Showalter's best seasons were a gift to Orioles fans. So are his GIFs.

They might have been as common as an Orioles win this season, but at least we knew to treasure them.

'Best manager since Earl': Twitter reacts to departure of Orioles' Buck Showalter

Many clearly haven’t forgotten that in his nine seasons as skipper, Buck Showalter brought winning baseball to Baltimore.

The best of Buck Showalter: Buckisms

Some choice words from departing Orioles manager Buck Showalter: "I like our guy