Connolly's Corner Bar: World Series predictions

Two bar openings in two days.

Must be early in the offseason.


Couldn't let this one pass, though. Not with the World Series starting tonight.

I know some of you are cringing when you hear "World Series," lamenting about what might have been. Well, don't. The Orioles had a season that exceeded everyone's expectations. Be thankful that they went as far as they did.

And don't let their early exit stop you from watching this October Classic. I know I'm biased, but the World Series will always be my favorite Reality TV Series.

This year is a fairly compelling one. The Detroit Tigers are star-studded; the San Francisco Giants are fate-tempters. Should be more drama than Jersey Shore, right (and nearly as awful hairdos/facial hair thanks to the Giants)?

There are not many options for Orioles' fans looking for connections in this one. Aubrey Huff, one of my favorite players to cover over the years, is still with the Giants, though he has been reduced to a pinch-hitter.

And Detroit Tigers outfielder Quintin Berry is the best childhood friend of Orioles center fielder Adam Jones.

That’s about it. So you can choose with your mind and not your slightly broken heart here.

Let's make this a Prediction Wednesday. Give me your pick for the World Series champion, number of games that are needed and your World Series MVP.

I am taking the Tigers in 6 games. And since Miguel Cabrera and/or Prince Fielder are too obvious, I am going with Detroit shortstop Jhonny Peralta as my MVP.

Don't take this one to the bank, though. I'm the one who, in March, had the Orioles losing 96 games in 2012 and the New York Yankees and Cincinnati Reds in this World Series.

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