Are you encouraged, disappointed or indifferent about the Orioles' start this year?

Give me a little analysis this Monday morning.

The Orioles lost the rubber match Sunday to the Kansas City Royals and are now 12-12 in their first 24 games this season as we head toward May.


The starting pitching has been inconsistent. The offense, generally, has been disappointing, especially at home.

Chris Davis has been lost for several weeks, but Manny Machado is on his way back.

Tommy Hunter seems like he can handle the closer's role. Nelson Cruz has seven home runs and looks like a free-agent steal. And Ubaldo Jimenez, the other big offseason acquisition, has yet to win with the Orioles and has an ugly 6.59 ERA.

The Orioles are at .500 and basically in the middle of a bunched-up American League East. They haven't established themselves, but they aren't buried either.

Here's what I want to know: Are you ticked off by the Orioles' start, encouraged by the way they have held the line through injuries or just kind of stuck in the middle shrugging your shoulders?

For me, this is sort of the start I expected team-wise, maybe a tick worse.

They are in games, but they aren't winning as much as they should be. It's not disastrous, but it's not encouraging. It's just the beginning of what looks like a season worth watching -- but one that's hard to predict right now.

Daily Think Special: Are you encouraged, disappointed or on the fence about the Orioles' start?

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