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Connolly's Bar: Do you still think the Orioles have a playoff shot?

The black curtains have been removed at the windows of this dive. We have them behind the bar just in case we have to put them back up for a funeral. But maybe we need to throw some orange on them before September is over.

Because maybe the Orioles aren't dead yet.


It's certainly is a long shot. I wouldn't put my money on the Orioles making it back to the postseason, but maybe I'd put some of your cash on it.

With Thursday's 4-3 comeback victory at Tropicana Field, the Orioles have won seven of their past nine and are now just 4½ games behind the reeling Houston Astros for the second wild-card spot in the American League.


There are only 16 games left to play. And there are still three teams between the Astros and Orioles in the wild-card standings: the Minnesota Twins, Los Angeles Angels and Cleveland Indians.

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Baltimore Orioles Insider


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The Orioles are now just a half-game behind the Indians and are certainly moving in the right direction.

But the question is: is it too late?

My gut says yes, because this club has not shown any real consistency all year. But, frankly, no one seems to really want that last playoff ticket. I guess you never know until it is over.

So I want to hear from you. Do you think the Orioles still have a shot at the playoffs or did you give up when they imploded against Minnesota, Kansas City and Texas in August?

And since it's Friday -- which is always Prediction Friday in this joint -- I'll put a little purple on those black curtains, too. The Ravens play the Raiders in Oakland this Sunday. What's your call on that game? I say Ravens win 27-20.

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