Chris Davis has the best power in the American League, according to vote of managers

Baseball America published the findings of its "best tools" polling Tuesday, and in a development that should suprise no one, Orioles first baseman Chris Davis is lauded for having the best power in the American League.

The publication polls the major league managers and reveals the top three in each league in a number of categories.


Davis also showed up as the No. 3 choice for "most exciting player" in the AL behind the Angels' Mike Trout and Tigers' Miguel Cabrera.

Orioles center fielder Adam Jones was voted to have the best outfield arm and he ranked second behind Trout for best defensive outfielder.


J.J. Hardy was named the league's best defensive shortstop.

Manny Machado was the No. 2 third baseman behind Texas' Adrian Beltre and he was also the runner-up behind Beltre for best infield arm.

Matt Wieters ranked No. 2 for defensive catcher behind Kansas City's Salvador Perez.

Nick Markakis was the third-best "hit-and-run artist," according to the managers, behind the Angels' Erick Aybar and Minnesota's Jamey Carroll.

Baseball America also polls the minor league managers, and Kevin Gausman won for best changeup and best control in Double-A's Eastern League (he's now at Triple-A).