Bud Norris says 'nothing too crazy' about sore back on day after start

Bud Norris
Bud Norris (Gene J. Puskar / Associated Press)

Orioles right-hander Bud Norris, who has been battling back soreness, said Friday morning that he felt better during his Thursday start against the St. Louis Cardinals than he did in his previous start.

"It's early in camp, you're getting your baseball legs back under you, it's kind of expected that there will be some tight backs,'' Norris said, "so you just want to come in and do your hot tub and get some hot packs on it, but I felt fine. You're body's going to adjust to getting back to throwing every five days like that.


"It's more about the up and downs, the half innings when you're sitting on the bench and staying loose and getting back up. That's where you're building up some momentum and pitch counts and getting ready for an eight-inning or a nine-inning game."

Norris said the stiffness has not affected him on the mound "to a great degree" and cast it as something that a lot of pitchers deal with early in training camp.

"I think over the course of your career you're back's going to start getting a little bit worse,'' he said. "It was pretty sore after my first spring start, but a lot better yesterday."

Norris said he felt "pretty good" when he got up Friday.

"Nothing too crazy,'' he said, "just early spring stiffness."

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