Orioles center fielder Adam Jones saw the culmination of his second charitable project with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Baltimore in as many years Saturday, but Jones said he's just getting started with his philanthropic work with the organization.

Jones, fresh off being awarded his third straight Gold Glove and fourth overall Friday night in New York, attended the dedication of the new Westport/Winans Homes Boys and Girls Club in Baltimore, the product of a $45,000 donation from Jones and the Orioles Charitable Foundation to completely renovate the center. At this same time last year, a $75,000 renovation was completed at the Brooklyn O'Malley Boys and Girls Club thanks to the donations of Jones and the Orioles.


"I've got four more years on my contract, so I've four more projects," Jones said. "The vision does grow because you see it in one neighborhood and when you go back to it, you see it's being used the right way. I'm going to make sure I come back and see how it's being utilized and move on to the next project."

On Saturday, renovations to the Westport club were unveiled, including a new technology center with 12 computers and a teen center that includes new televisions and gaming systems. The walls were painted orange, kids were treated to a visit from The Oriole Bird and the center was presented with a jersey from Jones.

"Kids are our future," Jones said. "It's about the youth. It's about the next generation. It starts with getting in the minds of these 6- and 7-years-olds.  They're the ones coming up with these brilliant ideas and it's time to get a hold of them.

"I like the Boys & Girls Club," said Jones, who was a member of the Encanto Boys & Girls Club growing up in San Diego. "It's something that it's dear to me due to the fact that I grew up in it. … Mine in San Diego was completely different … but it was a place [where] my friends, we all met up after school. We did our homework and then we all played. … Giving back to these kids, letting them understand that there are people out there who really care about you in terms of your education and well-being. These have been the kind of places that have always been safe havens for youths."

It's a busy weekend for Jones, who attended the Gold Glove award ceremony Friday night in New York, attended the center dedication Saturday and will host his second #StayHungry Purple Tailgate before Sunday's Ravens game, with the proceeds going to the Boys & Girls Club.

Jones said he was able to speak with free-agent outfielder Nick Markakis, the longest-tenured Orioles player, at the Gold Glove Awards on Friday and believes Markakis will remain with the club next year. Markakis and the Orioles are discussing an extension.

"I've talked to him about it," Jones said. "Obviously, Baltimore is the place he wants to be. It's a business and he's got to treat it like a business, but at the end of the day, he's going to be in right field. That's my vision, how I see it. I'm not the ones involved. That's his agent and [executive vice president] Dan [Duquette].

"Having Markakis to my left, it's been seven Opening Days I've had him to my left, so it would be awkward at first [not having him]," Jones said. "But he's going to be an Oriole. That's my vision, but I'm not Nostradamus."

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