Are you comfortable saying the Orioles will be AL East champs?

I remember back in October 1979 when a popular morning disc jockey in Baltimore was crowing after the Orioles were up three games to one in the World Series against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

He dedicated the Eagles' "Heartache Tonight," to Pittsburgh Pirates fans on the morning of Game 5.


We all know how that worked out.

So I'm not here to be a premature bartender. If you believe in jinxes, just nod politely and move to the end of the bar and I'll talk to everyone else.

Here's the deal: I know it's difficult to proclaim the Orioles the division champions – for the first time in 17 years – before it's official. And I know crazy things can happen.

But the with the lead they have (10 games), their magic number (eight) and the games remaining (17), it's a pretty safe bet that the Orioles are American League East champs, especially because the rest of the clubs in the division just aren't that good.

So here's my question: Is that good enough for you? Have you accepted that the Orioles will be division champs? Or has all of the losing over the years made you afraid to take anything for granted when it comes to this ballclub?

Are you afraid that there still could be a heartache tonight (or in late September)?

Daily Think Special: Are you comfortable yet in saying the Orioles will be division champs?