Peter Angelos said Orioles don't want or 'expect' Dan Duquette to leave

Orioles majority owner Peter G. Angelos spoke Sunday about vice president of baseball operations Dan Duquette.

Orioles managing partner Peter G. Angelos said he is "very pleased with" the performance of executive vice president Dan Duquette and expects him to continue in his role through 2018.

"We signed him. He has a commitment for four more years, and he has done quite a job for us. We are very pleased with his performance, and we expect him to satisfy his contract," Angelos said Sunday. "We not only want him to, but we expect him to. … We don't want him to go away, and we don't expect him to go away. And he's given no indication he wants to go away."


Several reports Sunday suggest that Duquette is a desired candidate for the Toronto Blue Jays president job -- one that would be considered a step above his position with the Orioles.

But Duquette, who signed an extension in the 2012 offseason that takes him through 2018, is contractually obligated to the Orioles, Angelos said. And Angelos said that's the way it should remain. Angelos believes there's no other alternative.


"He is a sophisticated individual," Angelos said of Duquette. "He has a certain performance that is required in terms of the contract and, under those terms, he has four more years of service to be performed. I'm sure he is prepared to do that, and I am sure he understands that."

Duquette is not expected to address the issue until he meets with reporters Monday at the annual winter meetings in San Diego. Duquette has not spoken to Angelos about the Toronto opportunity.

Angelos, who typically doesn't attend the winter meetings, said he loves the GM-manager combination that he has with Duquette and Buck Showalter, who is also signed through the 2018 season. Under the duo, the Orioles have had three consecutive winning seasons and made the playoffs twice.

"Suffice to say there is a contract that binds both parties to a four-year contract and binds Dan as the GM of the Orioles. I would say he has done an excellent job with his performance and particularly his performance with Buck," Angelos said. "Why would we want to break up that combination that we have? The relationship between Buck and Dan and the Orioles is something we are very pleased with, to put it mildly.