Instant analysis of Orioles' 6-4 loss to Kansas City Royals in Game 2 of ALCS

Baltimore Sun reporters, columnists and editors share their immediate reaction to Game 2 of the American League Championship Series between the Orioles and the Kansas City Royals.

Eduardo A. Encina, reporter: The Orioles now have a tremendous mountain to climb in Kansas City down two games to none as the ALCS shifts to Kauffman Stadium. The Orioles hadn't lost consecutive home games since June 28-29. And if they were able to get anything out of a one-out, bases-loaded situation in the seventh inning, Game 2 might have turned out different. Instead, the Orioles need a real dose of Oriole Magic to get back into this series.


Peter Schmuck, columnist: Take nothing away from the Royals, who have kept the pressure on the Orioles' pitching staff for two straight games. But the Orioles may be cursing the fates until spring training after this one. The Royals got every bounce and they squeezed just enough out of their chances to paint the Orioles into a corner -- down two home games -- that no other LCS team has ever escaped.

Jon Meoli, reporter: Bullpens are a fickle thing, but it's hard to imagine a pair of more disappointing losses for the Orioles and their relief corps. As manager Buck Showalter said, they likely wouldn't be here without them. But now that they're here, they'd probably like to be throwing better. The Orioles left plenty of runs on the table early and again didn't capitalize on the opposing starter's struggle. If we see this team back in Baltimore, it will take a much better performance from the bullpen and some better luck for the Orioles bats.


Childs Walker, reporter: The Orioles now face extremely long odds of advancing past Kansas City. No team has ever lost the first two games of a seven-game LCS at home and rallied to win. These Royals seem even more resilient than a resilient Orioles team. They've only gone down 1-2-3 once in the series. Pair that with their killer bullpen and ridiculous defense and they're awfully tough to beat.

Don Markus, reporter: When the Orioles came back with the wild finishes in the first two games against the Detroit Tigers in the ALDS, many in Baltimore thought they were destined for their first World Series in 31 years. It seems that the real team of destiny is the one the Orioles are now playing, the Royals, who after clubbing two home runs in the 10th inning of Game 1 (three total), used bloops, seeing-eye and broken-bat base hits to beat the Orioles again by scoring twice in the ninth Saturday to take Game 2. Down 2-0 and going to Kansas City, the Orioles seem only destined for disappointment.

Dean Jones Jr., editor: In a worst-case scenario for the Orioles, they head to Kauffman Stadium needing to win two out of three games to avoid being eliminated. It was a battle of the bullpens Saturday, and the Royals showed that they had the better one for the second straight game. Kansas City has been the better team so far in the series, but the Orioles haven't quit.

Ron Fritz, sports editor: It appears that the Orioles simply fell asleep during this never-ending game and the Royals took advantage. It's hard to stay focused when the game moves this slowly. The vaunted Orioles bullpen is leaking oil, while the Royals' relief pitchers are taking care of business. The Royals are simply doing everything better right now.