Baltimore Orioles

Adam Jones is the Orioles' newest ironman

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- On Wednesday night Center fielder Adam Jones became the first Oriole to play in all 162 regular season games since Miguel Tejada did it in 2006.

Since 1954, only seven Orioles have played 162 games: Cal Ripken Jr. (10 times), Brooks Robinson (four times), Tejada (three times), Rafael Palmeiro (twice), B.J. Surhoff (twice), Bobby Grich and Eddie Murray.

Jones also delivered the quote of the day when he was asked before the game if players watch games with playoff ramifications in the clubhouse.

"We see the games. It's a baseball clubhouse," Jones said. "HGTV isn't on in the clubhouse after games. It's what we watch. It's what's on after the games in the clubhouse."