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Catching up with Michael Phelps

What has Michael Phelps been up to since returning home to Arizona?

Since returning home from Rio after his history-making Olympics ended two weeks ago, Michael Phelps has made it clear that family comes first, with he, his fiancee, Nicole Johnson, and their 3-month-old son, Boomer, busy in and out of the pool.

Upon landing at the airport on Aug. 17 in Arizona, where the now-retired Phelps will assist his longtime coach at Arizona State, Phelps showed his frustration with a reporter from “Good Morning Arizona” who was waiting for the family as they walked through the airport. As the reporter tried to talk to Phelps, the swimmer stopped briefly and said, “I’m not answering any questions today. If you could give me that space while I’m trying to get my family home and safe I would appreciate that. … That’s what matters the most.” He then shot the reporter a look as he joined his family.

Phelps, Johnson and Boomer have apparently been spending a lot of quality time together, according to their Instagram accounts. Phelps posted a photo of Boomer and Nicole in the pool with him about a week ago, writing, “There’s nothing like being back home!! Great way to spend my first day in retirement!!”

Boomer also has been hanging out at the pool with his “grandpa” Bowman, shopping with his parents and napping with his dad.

And of course, he was wearing a Joe Flacco onesie when the Ravens played the Indianapolis Colts in preseason last Saturday.

But perhaps his biggest excitement was when his father co-hosted “America’s Got Talent” with Nick Cannon this week. Before the show, he and his parents were photographed with “legend” Simon Cowell, a judge.

When Phelps came onto the stage to chants of “USA!” Cannon asked him how it felt when he won his 23rd gold medal in Rio.

“It's so hard because it's like, I think at that moment was when all the emotions came out,” Phelps said, according to USA Today. "Because I was finally happy with everything that I did in my career, and I was able to retire how I wanted to. But most importantly, I had our first child in the stands, there watching the race. And he wasn't always awake, but it's a completely different experience being able to look up and see your baby boy up there after a race."

He said his drive for success came from not liking to lose and from setting goals at age 9. “I dreamt for the biggest possible thing I could think of. So, I basically said I wanted to change the sport of swimming, and I wanted to do something that nobody had ever done before."

After the show, Phelps was back to hanging out with his family. He posted a photo of Nicole and him playing cards with the caption: “Gotta love when you play rummy and you go against the one person you’re not upset if you lose 2! #bestfriendforlife.”

Next up: Sunday night, Phelps will be a presenter at the VMAs on MTV.

After that, maybe they can all relax in their $2.56 million Paradise Valley home, which the Arizona Republic reported has five bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms, views of the Camelback Mountain and perhaps the most important feature for the Phelps family: a swimming pool.

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