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The wildest things heard on Philadelphia's police scanner during the Eagles parade

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The Eagles Super Bowl parade brought hundreds of thousands of fans to Broad Street and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway on Thursday - and prompted some pretty weird calls on the police scanner.

8:41 a.m.: “You said Broad and Ritner, on top of the church, there's 15 people?”

9:18 a.m.: “We're not sure what it is- like a white bubble- but we've got people climbing on top of it.”

9:59 a.m.: “Can we get crowd control at a vacant lot at 2300 Pennsylvania? . They're using it as a bathroom and throwing bottles.”

10:45 a.m.: “Get the people off the TruMark bank.”

10:49 a.m.: “They're on top of the rec center again.”

10:52 a.m.: “I need people at Broad and Arch. You have people inside the trash truck.”

10:56 a.m.: “They're climbing up on the roof - and it appears to be collapsing.”

11:10 a.m.: “Get those players back on the bus. . Make them understand if they do this in Center City, we're going to lose everything.”

11:10 a.m.: “Do I have anyone at theMSB building? There's several people trying to force themselves into the building.”

11:44 a.m.: “There's a report of a large fight on the highway.”

11:46 a.m.: “Can we get someone to respond to the people jumping on top of the Jumbotrons?”

12:44 p.m.: “One of the bus stops here at JKF collapsed here with people on it.”

12:48 p.m.: “16th andJFK, they're taking over the trash truck there.”

12:54 p.m.: “We have a male unconscious on the highway.”

1:02 p.m.: “We have a drone in the air.”

1:19 p.m.: “Once again, we have40 or50 people climbing up on the trash truck.”

1:22 p.m.: “We got a drone operator up by our building. Are they checking them out or are they just letting them do it?”

1:23 p.m.: “There's gotta be 60 people on top of this trash truck. . They're also starting to climb the horses, snatch the horse by City Hall.”

1:32 p.m.: “Still trying to tip over the media van.”

1:36 p.m.: “Send me 20 officers - two-zero - to the Rocky statue please.”

1:38 p.m.: “Got a person with a gun near the potty, porta potties. . Armed no further. . They got the gun recovered, but the person fled.”

1:48 p.m.: “Three hospitalizations at 20th and the Parkway. One fell off a pole. The other two got in a fight.”

1:51 p.m.: “He fell off the horse statue.”

1:52 p.m.: “Could you send about 20 additional officers and ask them to meet me at the Rocky statue?”

1:55 p.m.: “At Broad and Cherry, they're trying to vandalize a police vehicle.”



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