No, Burt Reynolds didn't try out for the Colts

Former Florida State football player Burt Reynolds plants the spear at midfield before a game against Boston College  on Nov. 22, 2014, at Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee.

In his 2016 memoir, “But Enough About Me,” Burt Reynolds vividly recounts the injuries that forced him to stop playing football in college.

“It would take a long time to get through my thick skull that there could be more to life than playing football and chasing sorority girls,” wrote Reynolds, who had received a football scholarship to Florida State University.


Reynolds, of course, went on to become a famous actor and hirsute Hollywood sex symbol. But there’s one rumor that he never seemed to shake: that he nearly played for the Baltimore Colts.

In an obituary for Reynolds, who died this week, the BBC reports that he “was being considered by the Baltimore Colts” before he had a series of career-ending injuries in college.


The Palm Beach Florida Weekly asserted last month that “The Baltimore Colts had their eye on him until an injury left him on the sidelines — permanently.”

Reynolds makes no mention of Baltimore or the Colts in his memoir, though he writes that he often wondered what would have happened had he not been injured.

“I think I could have made it to the NFL,” he said. “The pros were even sniffing around me.”

He did at least star in two football-themed movies: “The Longest Yard” in 1974 and “Semi-Tough” in 1977.