Super Bowl 50: Broncos vs. Panthers, 6:30 p.m. (CBS)

Jennifer Badie
Sports Content Editor
Panthers 27, Broncos 17: The Panthers are just the better overall team, and the Broncos defense won't have an answer for Cam Newton.
Last week: 0-2
Season record: 159-107


Jon Meoli
Ravens Beat Writer
Panthers 34, Broncos 21: The Panthers' propensity for jumping out to large leads then giving them up will show up here, but this game will never really be in doubt. Peyton Manning's last ride will not be an enjoyable one.
Last week: 1-1
Season record: 171-95


Mike Preston
Ravens Columnist
Panthers 21, Broncos 17: In the postseason a team has to come up with explosive offensive plays to be successful, and the Broncos are limited. Both defenses can dominate but this seems to be Cam Newton's year. He isn't Superman, but he is the best player in the NFL at this time.
Last week: 1-1
Season record: 164-102


Alexander Pyles
Ravens Editor
Broncos 27, Panthers 24: It’s easy to discount defense in this era of the NFL, but it’s time to stop. The Broncos are excellent on that side of the ball and it’s hard to believe Peyton Manning’s career will end with a feeble performance in the Super Bowl.
Last week: 1-1
Season record: 161-105


Peter Schmuck
Panthers 27, Broncos 23: It's possible that Cam Newton really is Superman and it's also possible that this will be the last time Peyton Manning puts on a football helmet. So, you've got to go with the superhero over the possibly retiring superstar.
Last week: 2-0
Season record: 167-99


Childs Walker
Panthers 27, Broncos 20: The same Denver defense that hounded Tom Brady will keep this Super Bowl competitive. But Carolina has been the league’s most consistent team, and Cam Newton will be the most dynamic threat on the field. That should be enough.
Last week: 1-1
Season record: 168-98


Jeff Zrebiec
Ravens Beat Writer
Panthers 20, Broncos 17: Could I see Peyton Manning leading the Broncos to a Super Bowl victory and riding off into the sunset? Sure. But I just can't overlook the fact that the Panthers have been the more balanced and dominant team. This is Cam Newton's time.
Last week: 1-1
Season record: 163-103