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Steelers notebook: Left-handed QB Vick forces major adjustments

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
What is Michael Vick's biggest difference from Ben Roethlisberger as a QB and how will if affect Steelers?

Todd Haley had the Jugs machine reversed to simulate passes popping out of it as spinning off a left-hander because that’s how Mike Vick throws and that’s what receivers such as Antonio Brown must get accustomed to seeing.

“You have to prepare,” said Brown, whose rapport with Ben Roethlisberger is second to none among receiver/quarterback combinations in the NFL.

“It doesn’t matter how the ball is thrown, our job is to catch the ball.”

Vick and Brown have spent as much time as they can on the field and off — and Brown adding more with the re-calibrated Jugs — to try to learn as much about each other before the game Thursday night against Baltimore at Heinz Field. Brown, who led the NFL in receiving last season, is second this year by 4 yards with 436 after three games.

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