Should Thunder consider new coach?

Ask Kevin Durant

Brian Schmitz


Orlando Sentinel

Here's the bigger question: Does Kevin Durant still want Scott Brooks to be the coach?


If the answer is yes, then Oklahoma City will sign Brooks to an extension. Why is it taking so long? The Thunder likely don't want to commit to him for more than two more years in case playoff results dictate the hiring of a new voice.

The Thunder lost the title to the Heat. Could another coach get them over the hump? Who would Phil Jackson or Jeff Van Gundy pick to defend LeBron James? There is no one — anywhere.

The moves the Thunder need to make next are finding another shooter and an offensive threat at center before fiddling with the coach.

No need to force change

K.C. Johnson

Chicago Tribune

Well, if Phil Jackson wants to come out of retirement, of course you consider someone better than Scott Brooks.


Short of that, you stick with Brooks. Perhaps he isn't the best X's and O's coach in the world. But his players respect him and they play hard for him.

Young coaches can get better. In particular, the Thunder need to improve on the offensive end, where they tend to be predictable and stagnant at times.

Brooks has guided his team to the conference and NBA Finals in back-to-back seasons. He certainly seems like the type of young coach who puts the work in to improve. There's no need to force change at a time when the franchise is going well.

What more can you ask?

Shandel Richardson


Sun Sentinel

It's way too early to even consider getting rid of Scott Brooks. The Thunder reached the NBA Finals, where they lost to an experienced Heat team. What more can you ask of him?

If anything, just look across the way at Heat coach Erik Spoelstra. Many thought he was incapable of leading Miami to a championship. And on Monday he was in the middle of a title parade on Biscayne Boulevard. Eventually, Brooks could be in the same position.

The Thunder are a young, rising team. It would be silly to remove Brooks at this point because he deserves at least the opportunity to prove he can coach. If he fails next in the next two seasons, then perhaps make a change. Until then, give Brooks time.

He will only get better


Broderick Turner

Los Angeles Times

Absolutely not.

Scott Brooks has grown with this young team and has grown into a good coach. He has a system in place that the Thunder already know will work.

Why change that? Just because Brooks and the Thunder lost to the Heat in the NBA Finals?

If Brooks is not the right choice, then who is? There are so few coaches out of jobs that have won NBA titles.


Brooks will only get better as a coach.

It seems pretty obvious that Thunder All-Stars Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook want Brooks back. That should be more than enough of an endorsement.