Where will the NBA's Kings end up playing?

Why not Seattle?

Shandel Richardson


Sun Sentinel

"The Lakers beat the SuperSonics."


Remember those classic words from rapper Ice Cube's 1993 hit "It Was a Good Day?" We haven't been able to use them since the Sonics moved from Seattle to Oklahoma City, but now it's time bring them back.

With the Sacramento Kings in search of a new home, why not Seattle? The city proved it was able to support a team for several years.

Seattle would be a better fit than Anaheim, another possible home for the Kings. But being the third team in Southern California is like finishing the regular season ninth in the league's conference standings. In Seattle, a new franchise never has to take a back seat.

Follow money to Anaheim

Lance Pugmire

Los Angeles Times

This question may ultimately be decided by: Where does NBA Commissioner David Stern want the Kings to play?

The Kings' owners had great interest in moving the Kings to Anaheim last year until the NBA stepped in and asked them to wait a year for Sacramento to make its best case to keep the Kings.

The key is whether Stern and his deputies will invoke a "best-interest-of-the-league" policy and demand that the Kings remain in their loyal market even by ordering a sale of the team to someone who will keep it in the state's capital, such as billionaire Ron Burkle.

At this point, however, the money doing the most talking is in Anaheim, and that's who I pick to land the Kings.


Still in Sacramento

Brian Schmitz

Orlando Sentinel

The talk in the NBA soon will shift from player movement to team movement.

The Sacramento Kings seemingly have been an endangered species for years while the city tussles over plans to fund a new arena. A now-or-never situation has reached now.

If the city council votes on Feb. 28 to approve a parking deal expected to generate $200 million toward arena construction, the Kings are likely safe.

If not, look for Anaheim, Kansas City and Seattle to attempt to lure the Kings or other struggling franchises.

I expect the Kings to start turning shovels soon for a new arena. They certainly need one, considering the ARCO Arena (now Power Balance Pavilion) is so old that it once held chariot races.

San Jose or Vegas or ...

K.C. Johnson

Chicago Tribune

If Larry Ellison buys the Sacramento Kings, which is a longshot, the safe guess is the team will play in the San Jose area.

Ellison, who almost purchased the Golden State Warriors last year, has ties to the area. An arena is in place. And that area long has supported the NHL's Sharks.

If somebody else ultimately purchases the Kings, look for the franchise to move to Anaheim, which has the Honda Center waiting, or possibly Seattle, which is trying to return a franchise to the great city.

If the Maloofs keep the Kings, they will try to move the franchise to Las Vegas. But that's as much of a long shot as anything else.

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