Where will Howard be dealt this year?

Big D to Big D

K.C. Johnson


Chicago Tribune

Mark Cuban has been waaaay too quiet since his Mavericks finally brought him a championship. And while his lockout-shortened season philosophy can't be questioned, he's known for making the big moves.


Thus, even though the Mavericks don't have the most attractive package to land Dwight Howard, look for Cuban to somehow rope in other teams to land The Big D in The Big D. Cuban and Mavericks basketball chief Donnie Nelson did the right thing by letting Tyson Chandler walk and setting the Mavericks up for future moves. Most assumed those would be in free agency. But Cuban and the Mavericks also have been active in the trade market in the past. Look for Dallas to pull the upset.

Where doesn't matter

Shandel Richardson

Sun Sentinel

If the Magic have learned anything, then Dwight Howard will be gone before the trading deadline.

The Magic brass will not let this become another Shaquille O'Neal situation. Howard has made it clear he wants out. Where doesn't matter. Send him to Los Angeles, Chicago, New Jersey or anywhere else Howard has hinted he wants to play.

At least this time the Magic can get something in return. O'Neal left for free. By trading Howard, the Magic have a chance to build the franchise. Then maybe, focus can be on basketball and not whether Howard leaves.

The Magic found a replacement for the 1990s Superman. They will find a replacement for the replacement.

Lakers need boost

Baxter Holmes


Los Angeles Times

"It's about wherever God wants me to play, wherever He wants me to go." – Dwight Howard

Let's ask Tim Tebow, then. (He and God are best buds.)

Or let's just pick the Lakers because … why not?

He can play with Kobe Bryant, making Howard's dream come true.

He can play in a huge media market — and be a "Hollywood star."

He can win a title this season.

Plus, there's the Shaq-precedent:

Shaq left Orlando for L.A. and it worked out fine — or far more than fine.

With the Clippers on the rise and the Lakers in decline, don't be surprised if the Lakers' brass makes some bold moves to get Howard.

Dwight headed to L.A.

Brian Schmitz

Orlando Sentinel

I started saying this at training camp last year, the one before the lockout:

Dwight Howard is going to be a Laker.

When all is said, done and blamed, the Magic will trade Dwight for Andrew Bynum — and maybe Pau Gasol.

Look, the Magic can talk about Howard staying to earn more. But they simply can't gamble and allow him to become a free agent, not after already losing Shaq 15 years ago with nothing in return. Orlando is the Lakers' farm team, but I know this:

Scoff at Dwight-for-'Drew, but it's still the best deal any team has received for a superstar forcing his hand.

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