Five things we learned from NBA Finals Game 5 between Cavaliers and Warriors

If you're an optimistic Cavaliers fan, you look at the Warriors leading the series 3-2 as nothing more than a series going by the script, the team with home-court advantage should be up 3-2.

But if you delve deeper into the last two games, losses for the Cavs, and any Cleveland fan would be worried. LeBron James can get all of the triple-doubles he wants, but if the rest of the team doesn't step up, this series is ending Tuesday in Cleveland.

James is absolutely worn out. He simply can't give any more than he's given.

J.R. Smith stepped up in the first half with 14 points, then disappeared in the second half. Matthew Delladevoda might be able to play defense, but on offense he can't throw it into the ocean. And Stephen Curry finally shook him and scored 37 points.

So unless someone steps up to help out James, this series ends Tuesday.

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