Heat’s Jimmy Butler loves to bake — everything from Snickerdoodles to peach cobbler

Balls were bouncing to his side, teammates were stretching, the coaching staff was huddled at center court as the game-day shootaround concluded.

And prized Miami Heat offseason acquisition Jimmy Butler was talking about his game.


"I only put myself in a position to be successful," he said.

Which is why there mostly has been peach cobbler and Snickerdoodles to this point.



Welcome to the secret life of the franchise's new centerpiece, where the latest burning question has become: Can you smell what the Heat's rock is cooking?

It began somewhat innocuously, on Vince Carter’s “Winging It” podcast last week, when the Heat’s $142 million free-agency prize was probed about what makes him cook.

Turns out, it's baking, as he boasted of his Snickerdoodle mastery.

"I'm like Cardi B of the cookie game," he said. "That's me, that's me."

But, ah, there also is so much more, because there also is cobbler and cheesecake, in addition to the cookies.

That had Butler, amid this three-game western swing, filling in the blanks as teammates were addressing more mundane topics, such as defensive disposition, turnover trouble, shot selection.

"Just because I'd be bored in the house and I've got to pick up some more hobbies," he said of how he got cooking, or, more to the point, baking. "So you add another thing to the repertoire. So after this career, I've got something else I can bank on."

For now, it's not exactly from scratch, but rather taking direction from his personal chef.

“I watch him do his thing and I just emulate it,” he said. “So the majority of it is actually his recipes. I just take a lot of credit for it. But I’ve got it locked down now.”

Just as he is meticulous with his court work, so, too, is there a game plan in the kitchen.

“I’m really good at it,” he said, hardly one for modesty. "But I only put myself in a position to be successful. So I only cook things that I know I’ve got down pat. So I’m going to practice it before I present it to anybody, so I know it’s not going to be complete trash. And right now, I’m 100 percent.


"I think I'm better than everybody at everything. When my chef is in there baking and cooking, how come I can't do something? It just makes me want to figure it out. So that's basically where it all started, from every chef that I've had. We always go back and forth in who can cook this better, who can bake this better. And even though it's your profession, I've still got to give you a run for your own money."

While he bragged about his Snickerdoodles to Carter, it is his peach cobbler that has become his specialty.

"No ice cream for me," he said. "Just straight peach cobbler. I'm not a big ice cream fan. Every once in a while, I'll have a scoop or two. But I just like straight peach cobbler."

Of his overall body of work, Butler said, "right now, the only thing that we've really done is peach cobbler, cheesecake and just cookies. So right now, that's what we got."

Actually two types of cheesecake.

"I can do both. I like the no-bake better," he said. "But if you want me to bake you a cheesecake, I can do that, too."

Butler's fascination with Uno, dominoes and the sport of Padel are one thing, providing either mental or physical stimulation.

But baking as a hobby of choice in Pat Riley's culture of the "hardest-working, best conditioned, most professional, unselfish, toughest, meanest, nastiest team in the NBA"?

“I’m fortunate enough and God blessed me with a metabolism that’s such,” Butler, 30, said, “I can eat whatever I want and then just go run up and down a little bit and be right down to my body weight and my body-fat percentage. So I bake like I’m supposed to bake.”

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