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CC Sabathia is still confident Yankees can land Manny Machado

CC Sabathia believes Manny Machado will come around on the Yankees. They just need to wait him out.

“I feel like the longer it goes on, the better chance we have,” the veteran lefty said on his podcast with Ryan Ruocco. “He’s not getting the offers he wants, it comes back around, and everything being even, how do you not sign with the Yankees?”

That’s the very question pinstriped fans are asking as the Machado carousel keeps turning during this at times frustratingly sluggish hot stove season. The Yankees have the tradition, the playoff pedigree and the cash flow, so what are they, or Machado, waiting for?

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“It’s hard for me to fathom coming to Yankee Stadium and seeing Yankee Stadium and not signing with us,” Sabathia said. “I mean, it speaks for itself. The organization speaks for itself. The fact that we literally try to win every year speaks for itself.”

The Bronx does appear to be Machado’s preferred destination, and his wife loves the big city, according to Daily News columnist Wally Matthews, but the star shortstop is still leaving everybody on the edge of their seats. The White Sox have reportedly made an offer and have all but constructed their roster around Machado, but the Yankees have not yet made any move in that direction.

Sabathia was in the meeting when Machado first came to the Bronx last month, saying he just “came down to say what’s up” to Machado, with whom he has a strong relationship through playing against one another and both being part of the Jordan family. When asked by Ruocco if he got a good feeling from that meeting, Sabathia said he always does.

“I always get a positive feeling,” he said. “I got a positive feeling from the Patrick Corbin meeting.”

Corbin, of course, seemed destined to wear pinstripes but ultimately spurned the Yankees and followed the money to Washington. Sabathia and the Yankees have to hope Machado won’t do the same, but the veteran pitcher is content to wait and let Machado come to the right decision on his own.

“For sure, they’ll figure it out if we do end up signing him,” Sabathia said. “If not, either way we’ll be fine. But we’ll be better with him.”

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