What they're saying about Manny Machado after he clipped Jesus Aguilar's leg in the NLCS

Orioles fans have seen flashes over the years of Manny Machado’s questionable decisions on the field. We all remember when he threw his bat toward then-Oakland Athletics third baseman Josh Donaldson after taking exception to a hard tag.

Earlier this week, the Los Angeles Dodgers shortstop was criticized for a lack of hustle during the National League Championship Series. Now he is even more in the spotlight after a questionable slide Monday and appearing to deliberately clip Milwaukee Brewers first baseman Jesus Aguilar in the 10th inning Tuesday. Major League Baseball chief baseball officer Joe Torre told the Los Angeles Times that his office will be reviewing Tuesday's play.


Here’s what people are saying about Machado.

Tom Haudricourt, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: What Machado has been in this series is a punk. He made two dirty slides into second base in Game 3, grabbing for shortstop Orlando Arcia both times to try to obstruct him. The Brewers asked for a video review the second time, and Machado was called for obstruction with a double play awarded.


Machado made a much dirtier move in the 10th inning of this game, driving his left leg into the back of Jesus Aguilar's leg at first base while grounding out to short. Understandably, Aguilar said something about it to Machado and the benches emptied to discuss it without further altercations.

Machado will seek to get one of the biggest free-agent deals ever this winter and perhaps will do so but he has been a dirty player in this series, so buyer beware. MLB should take a good look at that play at first base and take appropriate action because there's no place in the game for a player to try to injure another player like that.

Josh Peter, USA Today: At some point, somebody should hold Manny Machado accountable. Somebody should punish him for behavior that has ranged from absurd to potentially dangerous. But it won’t be the Los Angeles Dodgers. Not a chance. … Machado might drive you crazy. But what drives the Dodgers crazy is not having won a World Series in 30 years. The Dodgers acquired him in July for that very reason.

Matt Snyder, CBS Sports: Machado is the villain in this series and now there's no doubt about it. Everything that happened up to this point could be argued away by vehement Machado supporters, but not what happened in the 10th inning. … Doing something like Machado did and refusing to apologize or even acknowledge it looked bad is the stuff of villains. … He, and Dodgers fans alike, might as well embrace that image and have fun with it.

Kevin Kernan, The New York Post: The Dodgers shortstop is on a stunningly destructive course this postseason to keep teams from signing him even though he has a world of talent and his incredible tone deaf comments about his lack of hustle are the ultimate warning: Let the buyer beware. … Stay away Yankees. Stay far, far away. Spend your money elsewhere.

Orel Hershiser, SportsNet LA (via the Los Angeles Times): It’s embarrassing to himself. It’s embarrassing to the game. I love him as a player. I wish he would hustle on the bases more. I wish he wouldn’t kick first basemen.

Gabe Fernandez, Deadspin: While I’m usually the first person to support enraging that particular fanbase, Machado’s choice to keep up these antics during a contract year makes it difficult to support him. You can’t be messing up your money this late into the season.