McDaniel to lean on midfield next season

For the past few years, McDaniel has relied on an attack-heavy offense that has been powered by standouts like Gibbs Preston, D.J. Rickels and J.S. Duke.

But with Rickels, Duke and Ben Yanchseki graduating in May and taking a combined 76 goals and 37 assists with them from 2012, reloading on attack could be an arduous process as the team seeks quality candidates to join freshman Pat Bivons, who recorded eight goals and six assists in 12 starts

That’s why coach Matt Hatton is hoping that the returning first midfield of freshman Matt Dupras (12, 8) and juniors Michael Woglom (13, 6) and William Clary (14, 4) can carry the offense until the unproven attack finds its footing.

“We have the majority of our offensive midfielders back,” Hatton said. “When you look at the scoring for this past year, it was pretty heavy on the attack end. Now with the midfield coming back, we’re going to have to shift some of those responsibilities with the offensive production. We might have to lean on our midfield a little bit more this year than we have in the last couple years because J.S., D.J. and Ben were pretty special players. I don’t necessarily think it’s a plug-and-play situation where we expect someone to come in and be an All-American at the attack. That would certainly be nice, but I think all that is going to be a work in progress. We’ll have a good opportunity to get that rolling in the fall, and we’ll see how that translates into February.”

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