Oates on Football

Longtime pro football writer Bob Oates shares his experienced commentary on the NFL.

  • These Bears Can Fly

    The NFL Week: Chicago Putting It Together. . . . Calling Plays Right for Grossman . . . . Six Teams Playing Modern, Pass-First Football.

  • Aggressors Win

    Edgerrin James' Departure Gives Peyton Manning His Best Chance to Win: Now He Can Throw Passes on First Down

  • Patriots, Bengals, Steelers

    This is going to be remembered in pro football as the year of the pass -- the year of more pass-first teams and fewer run-first offenses. For, in the 2006 exhibition season, a record number of coaches had their players throwing the ball aggressively -- that is, passing on early downs. And in doing...

  • The Officiating Brouhaha

    Football is So Difficult to Officiciate that It Can't Be Done Flawlessly.

  • Caveman Bill

    Steeler Coach Dulls Up Super Bowl . . . Hard on Own Team . . . Wins Worst Game with Trick Play . . . Pittsburgh's Huge Edge Over Seattle Not Visible in Statistics.