Whether you’ll be sharing from the track yourself or living vicariously through the posts of others, there are some things you’ll want to know to have the best social media experience during the 144th running of the Preakness Stakes. Equipped with accounts to follow and do’s and don’ts, here’s your guide to Preakness 2019.

Who to follow

  • @fashionattheraces

    For outfit inspiration and styling tips, follow Fashion at the Races, as founder Bri Mott brings you photos of the best dressed at Preakness. After experiencing horse racing abroad, the 30-year-old fashion blogger became inspired to "market the sport in a more stylish way." Now, she attends some of the biggest races for red carpet events and fashion contests and shares her adventures with her followers.

  • @_lanarae

    For more hat and outfit inspiration, follow fashion expert Lana Rae, the founder and producer of Fashion Awards Maryland. The fashionista will be judging the "Hooves and Heels" best dressed contest during Black-Eyed Susan Day on Friday, May 17.

  • @a_evers

    Shot in a distinctive shallow style, often through remotely controlled cameras, Alex Evers’ photos cut through the noise of social media and sport’s biggest spectacles. A race fan first who didn’t pick up a camera until his 20s, Evers shares his passion as well as creativity, revealing the stories behind the shots and the horses and people in them.

  • DRF Twitter avatar@PimlicoRC

    To stay in the know of race updates and results, follow the official account for Pimplico.

  • DRF Twitter avatar@DRFInsidePost

    Follow horse racing news and trackside updates from Daily Racing Form

  • Baltimore Sun Instagram avatar@baltimoresun

    This Preakness our newsroom Instagram account will be stitching together Stories from all around Pimlico and posting some of the best images from our photographers.

  • @AManCalledSrao

    Follow entertainment reporter Sameer Rao for the latest happenings at InfieldFest.

  • @xtinatkacik

    From food to fashion, reporter Christina Tkacik will keep you updated.

Dos and don’ts

  • DON'T: Bother with selfie sticks. The style points you'd lose would cancel out all the thought you put into your hat. They're also officially banned, as are drones.

    • DO: Expand your emoji vocabulary to reflect the Preakness scene. There are a few horse emoji to pick from. If you're looking for black-eyed Susans, a sunflower can stand in for the flower, and a tropical drink for the beverage.

    • DON'T: Overdo it with emoji. Tripling up on the crown makes perfect sense, but don't let the excess of the day carry over into your captions.

    • DO: Hold your phone horizontally when taking video (except on IG stories and Snapchat). It’s the easiest way to set yourself apart from the amateurs.

    • DO: Look for special Snapchat features. Race goers can submit photos and videos to appear in the app’s curated Preakness Our Story and use custom Preakness filters. Anyone in Maryland will have access to a special horse face lens.

    • DON'T: Take video of the actual races. (Broadcasting rights.)

    • DON'T: Count on a perfect connection. Even with last year's upgrades to Pimlico’s WiFi, tens of thousands of devices in use within a quarter of a square mile is a lot for a network to handle. To conserve the limited bandwidth, turn off syncing for apps you don't need. If you find yourself losing patience, pack away the phone and live in the moment!