Aquille Carr reportedly struggles at 2013 adidas Eurocamp

Aquille Carr's plan to sign a professional contract overseas doesn't seem to be going well.

The two-time All-Metro Player of the Year, who played his senior season at Princeton Day Academy after three years at Patterson, participated in the 2013 adidas Eurocamp last weekend.

According to's Jonathan Givony, Carr "struggled mightily" and "didn't look prepared to compete in this setting" at the La Ghirada Sports Center in Treviso, Italy.

Carr, who scored 52 points in his final game for Princeton Day in March, announced his plan to pursue a professional career instead of playing in college at Seton Hall -- the school to which he committed in January 2012.

In his recap of the adidas Eurocamp, Givony wrote:

Aquille Carr struggled mightily this week, ultimately missing day three to return to head to China for a promotional tour. A 5'5.5, 144-pound guard, the 19 year old's lack of experience played against him here, as he didn't look prepared to compete in this setting. With many teams trying to understand the decision-making process that landed him here, Carr didn't help the cause of future Americans who opt to follow his path and attend the EuroCamp in the face of eligibility concerns, as he didn't seem to appreciate the potentially life changing opportunity he was presented with. Appearing out of shape and struggling with his confidence and body language, a normally very positive NBA scout could only muster a, “this guy stinks” after Carr struggled to score from the inside and outside amid questionable decisions with the ball on day two.

Carr's dreams of securing a massive six-figure offer in Europe came crashing down to earth here, as it was very evident that he's barely prepared to even help a D-League squad at this juncture. Its going to be very interesting to see what the next step is for Carr, as he's in a fairly precarious situation as things stand. He'll have to find a team that is willing to put a lot of work in with him, which is seemingly exactly what the American college basketball system is designed for.

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