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High School Lacrosse: Insider

Freshmen Collender and Schmith help push Mercy girls lacrosse to 18-8 victory over AACS

Interscholastic Athletic Association of Maryland B Conference rivals Mercy and Annapolis Area Christian were featured Friday night in a high school lacrosse matchup.

The Magic (6-0, 5-0 IAAM) entered the field to the theme of World Wrestling Entertainment star Finn Balor and never trailed in the matchup for an 18-8 win.


Mercy was led by freshmen Jamie Collender and Laney Schmith, who scored four goals each, and senior attack Mickey Burnett, who scored five.

Mercy coach Brian Casserly called it his team’s “most complete game of the season.”


“We’ve had some ups and downs and we had a nice game against Park in some spots. We had a nice game against Friends in some spots, but this was start to finish our most complete game of the season,” Casserly said. “The kids played really hard and did a great job. I’m just happy with it.”

Collender scored all four of her goals in the first half. It began with the Magic already holding a five-goal lead. Running toward the goalie’s left side, she scored with 17:03 left. At the 16:29 mark, she did it again. To cap her hat trick, she spun around and through defenders and shot it over their heads for the goal. Finally, she put a cherry on top for a goal with 8:54 remaining in the half to give Mercy a 9-1 lead.

“I think with us working as a team and trying to fix the mistakes that we made last game and putting it all into this game was a very big driving component for us,” Collender said. “Last game, we kind of played as individuals. We cleaned it up at the end a little bit, but today we started out as a team and the whole way we played as a team, not individually. We just worked together.”

Schmith is a point guard on Mercy’s basketball team. She put her skills on the basketball court to use with a number of quick-footed moves, spinning, planting and using her explosiveness to score twice in the first half (24:13, 20:25) and twice more in the second, once with a running clock and at the 4:56 mark.

Varsity Highlights

Varsity Highlights


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“I feel like with both of them, even though they’re different sports, they have a lot of the same techniques and you can use a lot of the same footwork,” Schmith said. “Lacrosse is my main sport and I train all of the time. But I use footwork for both of them and they both help me with the other sport. For basketball season, I might not be training all of the time for lacrosse, but I get a lot of the same stuff that I need to work on in basketball.”

Schmith was the game’s first scorer, followed by Mickey Burnett (24:00). Then, Schmith scored again, followed by Burnett once more (17:59). Collender scored her first goal and then two more. Burnett completed her hat trick (12:54) afterward. Annapolis Area Christian got on the board with Krissy Millburn’s goal (11:01) to trail 8-1.

Then, Collender attacked the goal, followed by Sydney Casserly (5:48) and Courtney Lesko (5:11) for a Mercy 11-1 lead. Tracy Grollman scored for Annapolis Area Christian (2:34) and Burnett answered for her fourth goal at halftime and a 12-2 Mercy lead.

Grollman started the second half with a goal (23:36). Schmith scored her third goal and was backed up by Burnett on another goal for the 14-3 lead. Grollman netted her third goal and she was followed by teammate Lydia Wood with 14:28 Annapolis Area to trail 14-5. Madison Laine scored her first goal with less than 14 minutes left, but was answered by Millburn’s second goal (10:49).


Wood scored again, but she was answered by Schmith with her final goal of the night. Bella Wojcik scored at the 1:08 mark and Hannah Scott capped off the game with a goal for Mercy to give them the 18-8 victory.

AACS coach Bob Steinau hasn’t been able to get his Eagles (0-3, 0-2 IAAM) on the field in the past few weeks. A number of players within the program contracted COVID-19.

“Hopefully we can build on this and keep working on playing at game speed all of the time,” Steinau said. “Not having the games because we missed a lot of the games with COVID and we missed a lot of practices, we just don’t have that bonding and that speed yet. Hopefully now after this game, we can keep it moving forward and we can get better and better.”