Players selected to All-UCBAC football teams

Left to right, #21 Jordan White catches a touchdown pass over #4 Sean Jefferson, Dunbar, in the second half of the Class 1A state semifinal football game at Dunbar's William F. "Sugar" Cain Field.
Left to right, #21 Jordan White catches a touchdown pass over #4 Sean Jefferson, Dunbar, in the second half of the Class 1A state semifinal football game at Dunbar's William F. "Sugar" Cain Field. (Kim Hairston / The Baltimore Sun)

The Upper Chesapeake Bay Athletic Conference football coaches have selected the following players to their All-Division teams.

Chesapeake Division


First Team Offense

Alex Gresock, Havre de Grace, quarterback


Josh Maxwell, Aberdeen, running back

Ray Estep, Elkton, running back

Naseem McDowell, Edgewood, running back

Christian Betters, Bel Air, tight end


Reggie Marks, Havre de Grace, lineman

Anthony Blume, Edgewood, lineman

Conner Hall, C. Milton Wright, lineman

Leighton Lewis, Elkton, lineman

Joe Cirillo, Bel Air, lineman

Jordan Day, Havre de Grace, wide receiver

Garrett Phillips, Fallston, wide receiver

Antwan Banks, Edgewood, athlete

Clay Harris, Havre de Grace, kicker

Caleb Riley, C. Milton Wright, punter

Second Team Offense

Dave Harmon, North Harford, quarterback

Hunter Hruz, Bel Air, running back

Jasai Stansbury, Havre de Grace, running back

Andrew Sherinsky, C. Milton Wright, running back

James Walsh, C. Milton Wright, tight end

Jared Graybeal, Havre de Grace, lineman

Matt Bradley, C. Milton Wright, lineman

Joe Kundrat, Fallston, lineman

Dayivon Johnson, Edgewood, lineman

Myles Sewell, Eklton, lineman

Jarett Newlon, North Harford, wide receiver

Jordan White, Havre de Grace, wide receiver

Deonte Banks, Edgewood, athlete

Greg Komondor, C. Milton Wright, kicker

Marquil Borga, Edgewood, punter

First Team Defense

Herbert Parham II, Edgewood, lineman

Reggie Marks, Havre de Grace, lineman

Davon Bomar, Bel Air, lineman

Nate Grauel, C. Milton Wright, lineman

Ryan Messer, C. Milton Wright, linebacker

Sean Greeley, Havre de Grace, linebacker

Mike Johnson, Edgewood, linebacker

Tashawn Watters, Elkton, linebacker

Jordan White, Havre de Grace, defensive back

Christian McDowell, Edgewood, defensive back

Jake Hoffman, C. Milton Wright, defensive back

Devon Anderson, Bel Air, defensive back

Second Team Defense

Robert Brown, North Harford, lineman

Christian Jackson, Elkton, lineman

Brandon DeJohn, Bel Air, lineman

Freddie Wills, Havre de Grace, lineman

Cameron Conroy, Fallston, linebacker

Isiah Gibbons, Edgewood, linebacker

Darnell Coursey, Elkton, linebacker

Austin Hess, Bel Air, linebacker

Madison Alfod-James, Fallston, defensive back

Christian Penrow, Havre de Grace, defensive back

Brent Moody, C. Milton Wright, defensive back

Michael Matthews, Elkton, defensive back

Susquehanna Division

First Team Offense

Johnny Knight, Bohemia Manor, quarterback

Jalen Dangerfield, Harford Tech, running back

Caleb Robinson, Perryville, running back

Joe Jones, Rising Sun, running back

Liam Johnson, Perryville, tight end

Mike Barnes, Patterson Mill, lineman

Mike Walton, Harford Tech, lineman

Jerry Smith, Joppatowne, lineman

Sebastian Nagovich, North East, lineman

Chris Kalambihis, Joppatowne, lineman

Jordan Bright, Harford Tech, wide receiver

Cam Garcia, Bohemia Manor, wide receiver

Aaron Johnson, Joppatowne, wide receiver

Jalen Giles, North East, athlete

Maurice McCargo, Rising Sun, fullback

Jordan Bright, Harford Tech, kicker

Second Team Offense

Chase Hollister, North East, quarterback

Bobby McLennan, Bohemia Manor, running back

Taylor Danglade, North East, running back

Hunter Crowley, Patterson Mill, running back

Noah Long, Harford Tech, tight end

Devereau Winchester, Harford Tech, lineman

Dalton Brookins, Bohemia Manor, lineman

Tyesean Stevenson, Patterson Mill, lineman

Tyler Richie, North East, lineman

Josh Worrilow, Rising Sun, lineman

Christian Ross, Perryville, wide receiver

Billy Boyer, Perryville, wide receiver

Henry Rivers, North East, wide receiver

Kenny Mitchell, Joppatowne, athlete

Timmy Clark, Perryville, fullback

Drake Bare, North East, kicker

First Team Defense

Connor Yedinak, North East, lineman

Jasper Halsey, Harford Tech, lineman

Eric Hollingshead, Patterson Mill, lineman

Charles Brown, Harford Tech, lineman

Kyle Cicone, Harford Tech, linebacker

Sean Pencock, Patterson Mill, linebacker

Jarrett Hunter, Perryville, linebacker

Aaron Fullard, Joppatowne, linebacker

Laday Cooper, Harford Tech, defensive back

Randy Leonard, Rising Sun, defensive back

Pat Boyd, North East, defensive back

Jeremiah Minter, Harford Tech, defensive back

Bailey Armour, Perryville, punter

Second Team Defense

Luke Brannon, Bohemia Manor, lineman

Cameron Rice, Perryville, lineman

Kyle McCulley, North East, lineman

John Falker, Rising Sun, lineman

Justin Sullivan, North East, linebacker

Zach Pippen, Harford Tech, linebacker

Noah Boyd, Rising Sun, linebacker

William Harris, Joppatowne, linebacker

Amhir Felder, Patterson Mill, defensive back

Jachai Graham, North East, defensive back

Dustin Flowers, Rising Sun, defensive back

Tanner Moretz, North East, defensive back

Chase Klein, North East, punter

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