Catonsville boys soccer captain Danny Kim wants shot at title

Danny Kim, a senior on the Catonsville soccer team.
Danny Kim, a senior on the Catonsville soccer team. (Steve Ruark / Baltimore Sun)

Danny Kim is a senior captain and three-year varsity starter for a 9-2 Catonsville boys soccer team battling for a spot in the Baltimore County championship game.

The Comets have won eight games in a row since a loss to Dulaney on Sept. 13, their only loss to a Baltimore County opponent.


The 5-foot-8 midfielder leads the team in scoring with seven goals and one assist after scoring eight goals in his junior year.

How old were you when you started playing soccer?


I was around 4 years old when I started playing. I lived in Howard County. That's where I grew up and learned to play. I played with Thunder Soccer Club when I was 8 and I just recently moved over to Severna Park.

When did you move to Catonsville?

I moved to the Arbutus area in the beginning of seventh grade (he attended Arbutus Middle School) and I went to Catonsville ever since ninth grade.

Who got you involved in soccer?


My dad got me involved. He always wanted me to play sports. He just let me do what I want, but he wanted me to play a sport and he let me decide what sport I wanted to play.

You were on junior varsity when Catonsville last won a county championship in 2011. Do you remember watching that game or anything about it?

I didn't know anything about the county championship until the day of and it was all the way at Franklin and I didn't want to go out there, but I heard about it the next day and I just wish I was there.

What do you remember about playing in the county championship game in 2012 other than the loss to Perry Hall?

I just remember that we played poorly. We could have played a lot better. We had a good squad out there and overall, it was just a bad team performance.

How does this team compare to that team of 2012?

That team was full of a lot of seniors and some juniors. This year we are full of a good amount of freshmen, good amount of sophomores and then the rest juniors and seniors. We are going to be looking good for the next couple of years.

As a senior, do you feel like you have to help bring these freshmen along?

Of course, coach Tony [Marchegiano] and coach [Chris] Hastings [are] always telling me that I should lead the team, that this is my team, along with my senior captain Sam Khan.

How did you learn to win head balls?

That's, like, my favorite thing. I think that's my best attribute as a soccer player. I just love getting in the air, just winning those head balls, again just for my teammates just to get that possession and just to have the ball because you can't win the game without having the ball.

What is your favorite memory from this year?

Definitely, the last game against [Archbishop] Spalding (Catonsville won 1-0 on a goal with under 20 seconds left in regulation). Mackenzie Ali hit the shot with his left foot when the goalie was out in the top corner. It was beautiful. I was right next to him. I was kind of mad at him because I was yelling for him to leave it so that I could have the shot, but he just took it and it was a beautiful shot that just went in.

How far can this team go?

This team, I believe and hope we'll go all the way this year because it's my senior year and I should be a leader and push them, just to be behind them, to know that I got there back and hopefully this passes on to the next year so they can lead to others to come.

Do you play any other sports?

I play soccer year-round. In the offseason, I just recently moved to a club team in Severna Park, but I haven't played any games with them yet, but I've been with Thunder Soccer Club for a long time and that's where I've been playing.

How tuned in were you to the World Cup over the summer?

I was just watching every game possible. I just love watching the game learning new things because there is always room for improvement and just watching the pros is the best way to learn.

Are you an Orioles fan?

Of course, I'm always for the home team.

What is your prediction for the Orioles against the Kansas City Royals?

I really hope they go all the way. They are really looking good. I've always rooted for the home team to just do the best they can.

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