Liberty's Trevor Brookhart likes Lions' experienced staff, models himself after Evan Longoria

The Liberty baseball team is relying on its experienced starting pitching this season, and that group includes senior Trevor Brookhart.

Brookhart has helped the Lions open the season at 3-2, both with his performance on the mound and his play at third base. Brookhart is 9-for-16 for a Carroll County-best .563 batting average with three doubles and four RBIs. He hit a home run against Winters Mill on March 25. He has also pitched five innings without allowing an earned run.


Brookhart was also a standout as the goalie on Liberty's boys soccer team last fall. Next fall, he'll be attending CCBC-Essex to play soccer.

How do you feel the season has started for Liberty?


I feel like our pitching's doing pretty well. Definitely errors in the field have been killing us. Personally, I think we should be [undefeated], it's just pregame jitters. A lot of us haven't really played varsity, not much varsity experience. I think once we get that out of the way, we'll be good.

How has the team dealt with not much field time because of the bad weather?

Our field's decent, but knowing the hops of the field and like really getting it down, that's a huge part of home-field advantage and getting the groundballs in the gym when it rains, it's natural hops and it's really easy.

Will it help later in the season, having so many experience pitchers?

Oh yeah, definitely. We have me, [Austin] Bode, and [Ryan] Scheufele. We all played last year, and then we have relief pitchers that have been really key for us this year.

When you're pitching well, what is working for you on the mound?

I feel like I have a very unique style because I don't really throw over the top. I feel like I really go at the hitter, like if I need to I throw inside to back them off the plate and then I'll go soft and away to try to get them to lunge at it.

Was it nice to open the season with a big home run against Winters Mill, another top team?

I didn't really expect that. I know I have some power, but I didn't really expect it for the first couple games of the season to be already there. Once I hit it, I knew it was gone. It was really fun.

Who's the goofiest person on the team, the guy keeping it light at practice?

I'd have to say me, honestly. I like to keep it goofy, but I also like it serious. So I feel like with these young guys I have to teach them what to do and how to do it correctly so they can do it for next year. But I also like to like to keep it loose and it gets a nice environment where they don't get scared or pressured to make every single play.

What do you like about playing for coach Jim Miller, who used to play for Liberty himself?


I definitely feel more comfortable that he's like a younger guy and I feel more comfortable talking to him personally. I feel like this year he's really toned it down, not much banging fungoes against lockers and stuff. It just makes the practice and games a lot more easy to get through.

Who is your favorite major league player and why?

I'm a Rays fan, I've been a Rays fan since I was like three years old and I love Evan Longoria.

If you had to compare your game to a big-league player, who would it be?

Longoria, again. I like the way he plays, I like his personality, his style.

Where are you going to eat if you get to choose?

The usual hangout's probably at like Qdoba or over there at Chick-Fil-A right up next to the school. Somewhere that's good where we get to sit around, 10 of us guys, mostly on the baseball team, or if coach takes us out to like Glory Days like when we watched the Maryland [basketball] game.

If you could take a trip anywhere, where would it be?

Definitely the Bahamas. Never been there, love the beach.

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