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South River Seahawks coach has Super Bowl plan for Seattle Seahawks

Pay attention, Pete Carroll. A Seahawks coach has your game plan vs. Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning figured out -- he's just not on the Seattle staff.

South River Seahawks football coach Lance Clelland said that if he were coaching this weekend, his focus would be on forcing Manning and the Broncos offense out of their comfort zone.


"The Seattle Seahawks certainly have a big challenge defensively," Clelland said Friday. "I am sure they would agree that when facing such a great QB and historic passing offense, the plan is to slow them down and disrupt Denver's offensive rhythm and timing more than anything else."

South River -- which happens to use a logo that is nearly identical to the one used by Seattle's NFL franchise -- was 5-5 last season and allowed just 15.4 points per game in its five wins.


Seattle's Seahawks, meanwhile, had the NFL's top defense during the regular season, allowing 14.4 points per game while going 13-3.

Their top-ranked pass defense (172 yards allowed per game and 28 interceptions) will be tested Sunday by the Broncos' top-ranked offense, which averaged 340 yards passing and 37.9 points per game.

Clelland said Seattle's physical secondary should allow it to play man coverage against the Broncos' receivers and disrupt timing between Manning and his targets.

"When a defense can play man, it gives them the ability to pressure the [quarterback] with a variety of blitzes," he said. "No set of [defensive backs] can cover forever, so the Seahawks will have to make sure their pass rush also gets to Peyton Manning."