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InsideMDSports: Harrison twins focused on four schools

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If there was any lingering speculation that Maryland's basketball staff had begun to lose hope of landing prized Houston twins Aaron Harrison and Andrew Harrison, it was quelled when coach Mark Turgeon and assistant Bino Ranson made back-to-back Texas swings the past two weeks.

Advertisement caught up with their father, Aaron Harrison Sr., for a recap and an update on the recruitment of his sons – the top-ranked shooting guard (Aaron) and point guard (Andrew) in the class of 2013.

"It went well. I guess that's a loaded question because I've never had a visit not go well, but I know Turgeon. I've had a good relationship with him for probably three years," Harrison Sr. said. "It's kind of different because I've known him for a while, so it's not a big sales pitch because I already know who he is and what kind of person he is. So it's not a sales pitch. I think it's just letting us know how important [the twins are].


"What I like about Coach Turgeon is, he's really transparent. He means what he says and he says what he means. So there's not a lot of fluff. I'm not a big fluff guy."

Harrison did say that he's gotten the impression his sons are the first two big dominoes the Terps' staff is waiting for in their 2013 recruiting efforts, but said there remains no timetable for a decision.

"Not really. Not really a timetable at all. They definitely want to go to schools they haven't been to yet, and they want to visit Maryland again, and that's probably about it," Harrison Sr. said.

Harrison Sr. said they want to visit Villanova, the only school of the four his sons are seriously considering that they haven't yet visited. Harrison said it's unlikely his sons will end up anywhere outside of Maryland, Kentucky, Villanova or Baylor.

"The decision is their decision," Harrison Sr. said. "I'm here to support them, but it's their decision. I'm not going to college. If something [bad] happened at whatever school they choose, that will be their situation to deal with. That's part of becoming a man. [But] unless something drastic was to happen, it will be one of those schools."

He also said that while his sons are high on Kentucky, there's no truth to speculation that they're UK locks simply because Wildcats coach John Calipari continues to hand-pick the best high school guards.

"It's just kind of funny because they go against the grain. They wear Under Armour [rather than Nike]. I've heard they're Maryland locks because they wear Under Armour, too," he said.

Harrison said his sons' high school schedule and his business – he missed six calls during the course of a 10-minute interview – have made it difficult to plan a return trip to Maryland, but he's been looking at the schedule. The deciding factor in their college choice, he said, will be comfort.


"The most important thing is the opportunity to be part of a family," he said. "It's always been a family thing for them. They could score a lot of points, but they're about winning. So they'd like to be part of a family environment rather than with a bunch of kids that are individuals."

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