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NHL taking wait-then-see approach with draft lottery format

Associated Press

The NHL is taking a wait-then-see approach in adding an element of drama to its annual draft lottery on Saturday.

Rather than revealing the entire order of the first 15 selections as the league has done in the past, everyone will have to wait a few hours to find out which teams landed the top three picks.

Selections 15 through 4 will be revealed before the start of the second-round playoff series between Vegas and San Jose. The remaining three selections will then be announced during the game's second intermission.

At 18.5 percent, the Buffalo Sabres have the best odds to win the No. 1 pick after finishing last in the standings for the third time in five years. Buffalo can drop no lower than fourth in the draft order, with all 15 non-playoff teams having a shot to win the top-three selections.

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