Men's Lacrosse: Georgetown's Hursey meeting his goals

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Before his first college lacrosse season began, Ryan Hursey sat down for his meeting with his new coaching staff at Georgetown.

The coaches wanted to know what the 2014 Westminster High graduate's goals were for his rookie campaign with the Hoyas.


Hursey made it clear.

"I wanted to play," Hursey said. "I wanted to be on the field, because all of high school, from freshman year until senior year, I hadn't really sat on the bench for a while. And I didn't really want that to change when I got to college. So I told them I wanted to play and I was willing to work."


Hursey rarely was on the sidelines during his time with the Owls because of his production on the field. He was too busy setting records at wide receiver during football season in the fall and then being one of the county's most prolific lacrosse scorers in the spring. Those efforts his senior season earned him Times Boys Lacrosse Player of the Year honors, as well as winning Times Male Athlete of the Year.

Now playing lacrosse at the Division I level, Hursey has not only met his goal of staying onto the field, but also contributing for the Hoyas. At the end of the regular season, Hursey was the team's sixth leading scorer with 12 points (11 goals and an assist).

"One of Ryan's best things is that he's so coachable," Georgetown coach Kevin Warne said. "He works really hard, too. Pretty cerebral guy on top of that, so that's a real good combination for a freshman."

Hursey has played in all 14 regular-season games, even earning a spot a in the starting lineup as the season went on, and started five games at midfield.

The season hasn't been strong for just Hursey individually either. The No. 11 Hoyas went 9-5 during the regular season, 4-1 against Big East opponents. Then, they won in the Big East tournament semifinals, 12-8 over Marquette, on Thursday to earn a spot in today's championship game.

It's Georgetown's first winning season since 2011-12, and it comes just a year after the Hoyas went 4-10 with just one conference win.

"We have great leaders on our team who have kind of changed the culture around Georgetown lacrosse, especially this year with the success that we've had," Hursey said. "[They're] trying to change that to a more positive culture, a winning culture where we don't really accept losing to teams and feeling outmatched by teams but that we can play with anybody and a 'Why not us?' kind of mentatlity."

But the Hoyas' new-found success hasn't been just because of their experienced players. Hursey said he feels the freshman class has played an instrumental role in the team's wins.

In the Big East tournament final on today, Georgetown will take on Denver. A win against the Pioneers, and Hursey said the team will move closer to its biggest goal for this year.

"We have bigger goals than that," Hursey said. "We know we want to make the NCAA tournament and try to do something that hasn't been done before around here."

And that's just the goal for Hursey's first year. In the future, the goals for Hursey and the Hoyas may be even larger.

"We've been really excited about his growth and obviously he's nowhere near his potential," Warne said. "We're excited about where he's going to be at the end of his career."




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