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Lacrosse Q&A: Towson goalie Andrew Wascavage

Andrew Wascavage has sparked Towson's three-game winning streak, which has it over .500 for the first time this season. "Everybody¿s been fired up, and we¿re ready to keep going," he said.

Each week, The Baltimore Sun publishes a Q&A with a college lacrosse player or coach to get you more acquainted with the player and his/her team. Today's guest is Towson fifth-year senior goalkeeper Andrew Wascavage, who entered the week ranked fourth in Division I in saves per game (13.8), fifth in save percentage (.608) and 19th in goals-against average (8.79).

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What has been the difference in the team's recent success?

I think we've just been able to put it all together. In the beginning of the season, we'd only have one aspect of the game down and we really weren't getting a full game out of our guys. Now the whole team is coming into each week ready to execute the game plan better. The offense is starting to fire, and the defense is getting all of its assignments down and faceoffs haven't been our strongest point, but at times that has been getting better lately. I think we're just playing better all around.


After the Tigers began the year with three consecutive losses, did you think this turnaround was possible?

No one ever really gave up. We were going to keep fighting. We knew how good we were and how good we could play through our scrimmages before those three games. We knew those weren't our best performances, and we were really looking for a chance to show what we could do. Everybody's been fired up, and we're ready to keep going.

Do you feel that the team can make a run through the league and qualify for the NCAA tournament?

It's definitely not going to be easy. We play in a real tough conference, and most likely, we'll have to win the conference to get the [automatic qualifier]. But I definitely think it's possible with our players that we have if we can keep up our play as well as we've been playing. I know a lot of our guys believe that we can make it there.

Coach Shawn Nadelen has said frequently that he thinks you're one of the best goalkeepers in the country. What does that mean to you?

It's awesome to have my coach's confidence like that. They're real supportive of me in trying to get my name out there. All I can do is keep playing my game while I'm out there and try to keep our team in games and hopefully win some for us.

Do you feel you get overlooked when others are citing Maryland redshirt junior Niko Amato and Notre Dame senior John Kemp as the best goalies?

I guess our record over the past two years hasn't really gotten me out there. But I'm sure that other teams prepare for me by watching the film and seeing that I'm putting up pretty good numbers. I imagine that they know how good I am — or not. I don't really base my play on recognition.


Is there one aspect of your game that you've worked on?

Probably my decision-making with the ball. I just try not to turn the ball over on clears so that it doesn't get jammed back onto our side when my defense is already tired.

Since this is your last year, is the goal to make it to the NCAA tournament? Do you have grander aspirations?

Every team wants to get to the NCAA tournament, and I'd love to make a run if we get there. But we're taking it one game at a time right now. We really want to win the CAA championship and get to the NCAA tournament.