College Lacrosse

What they're saying about Johns Hopkins' move to the Big Ten for lacrosse

David Cordish, a 1960 Johns Hopkins graduate and a three-year member of the lacrosse team:

"I was on the committee that unanimously recommended this move. It's a win/win for Hopkins and the Big Ten. The Big Ten is getting serious about Division I Lacrosse. When schools like Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State get serious about a sport, they will be excellent. Add Maryland, Rutgers, and Hopkins, the conference will be a lacrosse powerhouse; it's only a matter of time. In addition, Hopkins is extremely confident that it will retain on its schedule its traditional rivals that have historically been Lacrosse powerhouses. Win/win."


Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany:

"Synergy is the right word. Johns Hopkins has been involved in lacrosse 12 years before the Big Ten was founded in 1895. This is a growth sport in the Midwest, and I know that it has deep, deep roots in the Mid-Atlantic and up through the New York area. ... We want to learn from Johns Hopkins' experience and from its culture of success."


Johns Hopkins coach Dave Pietramala:

"There was a lot that went into this — a lot more maybe than people think. There were meetings, there were emails, there were phone calls, conference calls, and we did our homework. I do believe that the fact that we decided to be an affiliate member with the Big Ten in lacrosse is the right decision. This is such an important decision that you couldn't take it lightly. And when you think about changing the path of this program, you've got to be careful not to negatively impact it. Make no mistake, there was trepidation early on. Is this the right thing to do? In the end, I think everybody feels very good about the decision that was made."

Long-stick midfielder Mike Pellegrino will be a senior when Johns Hopkins plays its inaugural year in the Big Ten:

"I'm incredibly excited. They're known for being a blue-collar conference, and I'm incredibly excited to join that. Facing tough opponents multiple times per year, it's going to be great for us. And we get to face Maryland."

Loyola coach Charley Toomey:

"I hope that it doesn't affect the rivalry. I've had great conversations with Coach Pietramala, and I feel very strongly that the two of us are going to continue to play. It's a natural game, it's a Charles Street battle, it's something that both universities get excited for. So we're going to do everything in our power as coaches to make sure that this game stays on the schedule."

Maryland coach John Tillman:

"I think part of our goal is to help expand the game and help the game grow. On top of a very competitive league and a league that will challenge us to be our very best, it is an opportunity to help the sport of lacrosse grow and get to more and more areas and that's something we're excited about."