Chris Dufresne's college football rankings

1. Alabama (2-0): North Texas is coming to town in case anyone is disinterested. (1)

2. LSU (2-0): Mississippi State says defense isn't ready; come back next Thursday. (2)


3. Boise State (1-0): Know you have made it when you beat SEC one week, go on probation the next. (3)

4. Oklahoma (1-0): Water tower in Norman repainted to read "Welcome to Walnut Creek East." (4)

5. Florida State (2-0): Bobby Bowden won 377 games, but nothing's better than beating cancer. (5)

6. Wisconsin (2-0): Next game at Soldier Field, but don't worry, it's against NIU Huskies, not Bears. (6)

7. Stanford (2-0): "With first pick in the 2012 NFL draft, the Colts select Andrew Luck." (7)

8. Okla. State (2-0): Stillwater realtors tout beach property with views of Pacific-12. (10)

9. Nebraska (2-0): USDA thinks Saturday's game vs. Washington will have huge (Omaha) steaks. (8)

10. Texas A&M (1-0): Team No. 13 in SEC temporarily will be called "Baker's Dozen." (9)

11. Virginia Tech (2-0): QB still doesn't know who he will ask to the Beamer Ball. (11)

12. Oregon (1-1): If a victory over Nevada falls in the forest, does any poll voter hear it? (12)

13. Florida (2-0): School adds UFO to schedule after doing so well against FAU and UAB. (13)

14. South Carolina (2-0): Ragged victory over Georgia makes Boise look like team to beat in SEC East. (14)

15. Michigan State (2-0): You have won six of last seven in South Bend but 0-2 home team is favored? (15)

16. West Virginia (2-0): Couch burning is now a felony, but acting sophomoric still is encouraged. (17)


17. Arizona State (2-0): Dennis Erickson's coaching trial always seems to be in the penalty phase. (18)

18. Auburn (2-0): It was tough to stay seated for Tigers' dramatic goal-line stand. (22)

19. South Florida (2-0): No surprise that quarterback B.J. Daniels got the game ball after Ball State. (19)

20. Arkansas (2-0): Bill Clinton: "Ken Starr, is that you causing legal problems again down there?" (20)

21. Baylor (1-0): Starr: 'I'm working on

a case now that could impeach 12 (SEC) presidents." (21)

22. USC (2-0): New slogan: "What happens in Los Angeles pays in Vegas — twice." (23)

23. Ohio State (2-0): NCAA notes first letters of opponents Akron, Toledo and Miami add up to ATM. (16)

24. Texas (2-0): Watch all replays of Texas losses on the "Long Face Network." (24)

25. Texas Christian (1-1): We only

permit offense back in poll; defense ranks

No. 112. (NR)

Dropped out: Mississippi State (25).

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