Chris Dufresne's Top 25 rankings

Last week's ranking at end of comment

1. Alabama (1-0): Off to Penn State to play team with anti-Maryland helmets. (1)


2. LSU (1-0): Funny how Boise State beat a ranked SEC team before Tigers did. (10)

3. Boise State (1-0): SEC fraternities also doubt school, party-wise, could compete on weekly basis. (4)


4. Oklahoma (1-0): Pac-12 knows you're interested. Stop sending cheese platters. (2)

5. Florida State (1-0): Go ahead and dance the Charleston Southern this week in advance of Oklahoma. (5)

6. Wisconsin (1-0): Only 10 days to prepare for Corvallis Kids who lost to Sacramento State. (8)

7. Stanford (1-0): Luck needs only 31 TDs vs. Duke to top Elway's school career record of 77. (6)

8. Nebraska (1-0): Incoming Fresno State is what you looked like when you were little Cornhuskers. (7)

9. Texas A&M (1-0): Move into top 10 subject to approval of Baylor's legal counsel. (14)

10. Oklahoma State (1-0): Victory over Arizona's Stoops prelude to victory over Oklahoma's Stoops? (9)

11. Virginia Tech (1-0): Schedule so breezy you could dry a load of laundry with it. (15)

12. Oregon (0-1): Arraigned in fashion court as accessory to crime of Maryland's helmets. (3)

13. Florida (1-0): NCAA cites Brantley for looking like pro in Weis' pro-style offense. (16)

14 South Carolina (1-0): At Georgia means Spurrier will try to hang 50 on scoreboard. (12)

15. Michigan State. (1-0): We've already forgotten whether Spartans are "Leaders" or "Legends." (17)


16: Ohio State (1-0): Manning/Tressel gives Indianapolis Colts two pains in the neck. (19)

17. West Virginia (1-0): People say lightning never strikes same place twice … yeah, right. (21)

18. Arizona State (1-0): Mizzou wants to know if roof on inferno will be opened or closed. (22)

19. South Florida (1-0): Skip Holtz says Irish toughest team he's played since Navy. (NR)

20. Arkansas (1-0): You showed first opponent, but it was Missouri State. (23)

21. Baylor (1-0): If Big 12 folds, Bears should be favored to win next year's WAC. (NR)

22. Auburn (1-0): Fans who left Utah State game early receive transfer orders to Alabama- Birmingham. (20)

23. USC (1-0): Trojans should get extra year of probation every time Kiffin goes for two. (18)

24. Texas (1-0): Longhorn Network inks exclusive, 24/7 deal to broadcast "Pong." (25)

25. Mississippi State (1-0): At Auburn this week, but it's nothing Utah State couldn't almost handle. (NR)

Dropped out: Notre Dame (11), TCU (13), Georgia (24).

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