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If Texas A&M joins SEC, how will it do?

Aggies on the rise

Teddy Greenstein


Chicago Tribune

Great question. You wonder if Texas A&M's leadership has even gotten that far in weighing the pros and cons of deserting the Big 12.


What's fueling this move is the Aggies' inferiority complex to Texas. It's certainly not a desire to form a rivalry with Ole Miss and Vanderbilt.

Bottom line, the Aggies have been only marginally competitive in the Big 12 for the last 15 years.

The temptation is to say that with A&M moving up in class to the SEC, the Aggies will get crushed like a folding chair under the weight of a Longhorn. But A&M is on the rise, now in the trusty hands of coach Mike Sherman. And it's hard to imagine them being less competitive than they have been in the Big 12.

Move will help program

Matt Murschel

Orlando Sentinel

Until recently, the Aggies hadn't been relevant in the college football landscape for a decade. But with the recent upswing in the program, the addition of A&M could be good for both the school and the SEC.


The school gets better exposure with games being played on national television almost every weekend while getting an increase in revenue. The SEC would gain traction in the state of Texas for recruiting and fan base.

Texas A&M most likely would join the SEC West, which means they would have to compete against Alabama, Arkansas, LSU and Auburn. If the Aggies, who went 9-4, were in the West last season, they would have finished fifth or sixth in the division.

Out of their league

Desmond Conner

Hartford Courant


Has anyone taken a look at how the Texas A&M football program has done the last 10 years? Draw your own conclusions if the Aggies can compete year in and year out with Alabama, LSU, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Arkansas.

In 2009, the Aggies lost four of their last five. In 2007, they also lost four of last five. In 2005, they lost four to finish the season. In 2004 they were 3-3 vs. Top 25 teams and in 2003 they lost eight games, including a 77-0 pummeling at the hands of Oklahoma.

Did you know that when the Aggies won a bowl game in 2001 it was their first bowl win in 10 years?

And this program is ready to join the SEC? Good luck. Spend the checks well.

Welcome to trouble


Baxter Holmes

Los Angeles Times

Texas A&M fought for third string in the Big 12. In the SEC, it'll be lucky to make the practice squad.

Oh, the Aggies are a preseason top-10 team this year? How nice. The SEC has two teams in the top five and eight in the Top 25.

Oh, they claim one national championship? That's cute. The SEC claims 19, including the last five.

In recruiting, the Aggies got scraps from Texas, Oklahoma and everybody else that raids the state of Texas. Think that will change?


Of course, the Aggies aren't so much running to the SEC as running away from Texas and the Longhorn Network.

Problem is, they're running right into a Bear (Bryant) trap.