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Newest Naval Academy spirit video spoofs 'Star Wars'

Tim Prudente
The chief of naval operations wields the lightsaber

The Naval Academy commandant felt a disturbance in the Force.

The superintendent piloted the starship as "Supe Solo."

And the chief of naval operations, Adm. John Richardson, with a swipe of his lightsaber, sent Darth Vader falling from the high dive.

The Navy brass guest stars in the latest academy spirit video, a "Star Wars" spoof released Sunday, about two weeks before the Army-Navy rivalry football game.

Darth Vader, in the video, is from West Point.

"Hey, Gen. Vader," says Richardson, the Navy's senior military officer. "Go Navy."

The 5-minute film by senior Midshipman Rylan Tuohy chronicles the journey of Luke and his fellow mids to rescue Princess Leia from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

One particular scene razzes Army when a West Point cadet with a pillow asks, "Does anyone want to come play?"

In August, the traditional freshmen pillow fight at West Point turned violent. Some cadets were injured and bloodied when hard objects were swung. Military officials have banned the tradition.

Midshipmen have filmed spirit spots for years. These spoofs mostly mock football rivals, such as mids acting on camera like inept Air Force cadets. It's a genre born from the fleet. A squadron of Navy pilots' parody of the 2003 pop hit "Hey Ya!" has more than 1.8 million views online.

Tuohy, of Greenville, Kentucky, has transformed the traditionally campy videos into productions with choreography, camera crews, extras and production managers. He earned approval from the City of Annapolis to close Maryland Avenue for a filming in October.

As expected, Army released its own spirit video, also on Sunday evening.

The film reverently mentions Navy mascot Bill the Goat, the "hideous creature," the "disgusting beast."

Then, a clip of a screaming, bald sheep.

Earlier in November, a West Point graduate successfully circulated a fake news story — it appeared on the Yahoo Finance website — reporting the Annapolis City Council voted to proclaim a "Go Army, beat Navy" day.

Navy has won the past 13 football games against Army. The academies will meet for the 116th game on Saturday, Dec. 12.

Plenty of time remains for more high jinks.

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